Labor & Employment Litigation

Although we strive to help clients avoid litigation, when labor and employment disputes turn into legal actions, employers rely on Peters & Kappenman’s fierce litigation team to aggressively defend their interests.

We have represented unionized employers in contractual grievances, arbitrations, NLRB proceedings, unfair labor practice litigation, decertification actions, and unit clarification proceedings. We have defended non-union clients in actions ranging from simple, single-plaintiff claims to complex multiparty litigation, and we have represented parties in state and federal court and before state and federal administrative agencies, including the EEOC and OSHA.

For all labor and employment disputes, our firm’s litigation strategy revolves around three objectives. First, we seek to understand the client’s goals. Attorneys frequently are driven by the desire to win cases. Companies, however, are driven by bottom-line business considerations; a client embroiled in bet-the-company litigation will not share the same goals as a client involved in non-competition litigation with a peripheral competitor.

Second, we strive to maximize efficiency throughout the litigation. This means we staff cases with an appropriate mix of junior and senior attorneys based on financial and practical considerations. This also means we strategize with clients from the start to establish a litigation plan that minimizes business disruption. At all times, we keep clients informed of litigation developments so they can adjust their expectations and offer input into litigation strategies.

Third, we litigate to results. We understand legal action is a means to an end – not an end in itself – and we measure success relative to our clients’ objectives. Accordingly, we litigate cases strategically based on client objectives, not by using scorched-earth tactics to achieve pyrrhic victories.

We welcome you to learn more about our labor relations and employment law practice. Contact Peters & Kappenman for additional information about our litigation practice.